Schwarzenegger Considers “Tomb”, “Stand”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is tossing between two possibilities as his first post-Governor live-action feature film role reports Variety.

The first is Lionsgate’s “The Last Stand”, the first Hollywood film from Kim Jee-woon (“I Saw the Devil”) which the filmmaker describes as “Die Hard” meets “High Noon”. The story deals with an American sheriff battling against a Mexican drug cartel and previously had Liam Neeson circling it.

The other is Summit’s “The Tomb” about an expert prison designer who has to escape from the very structure that he helped create. Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day”) is directing that.

It’s possible Schwarzenegger will take both projects, though scheduling will likely have to be reworked to accomodate him. Fuqua intends to shoot a Tupac Shakur biopic this summer which may delay “The Tomb” enough that Schwarzenegger would no longer be interested.