Schrader Gets Catty Over DePalma’s Films

Schrader Gets Catty Over Depalmas Films

Legendary and opinionated filmmaker Paul Schrader, still flying high on the success of last year’s acclaimed “First Reformed,” has a reputation for not mincing words.

In a new posting on his Facebook page (via The Playlist), he began discussion of Jordan Peele’s “Us” about which he said: “It’s quite brilliant. It’s also malarkey. Brilliant malarkey”.

Further down that thread, he responded to someone who talked about the film’s homage to fellow filmmaker Brian De Palma. Schrader’s response:

“Don’t get me started on Brian DP. I rewatched Redacted last night because I thought that given total artistic freedom he could reach for the stars. And he did. But the stars were beyond his reach. The script is trite, it is weak. That’s because is Brian is trite, Brian is artistically weak. Skate fast on thin ice. That’s his story. That’s his con.”

De Palma’s 2007 film “Redacted” won the Silver Lion award for Best Director from the Venice Film Festival, but was neither a critical or commercial hit. De Palma and Schrader previously worked together on 1976’s “Obsession” but De Palma reportedly took the script from Schrader and heavily rewrote it which led to a riff and Schrader publicly denouncing the film at the time. Over forty years on, it seems Schrader remains unhappy with “The Untouchables” and “Dressed to Kill” helmer.