Scarlett Johansson Voices A Sexy OS

Scarlett Johansson has stepped in to replace Samantha Morton in Spike Jonze’s currently in post-production sci-fi romance feature “Her”.

The story is set in a near future in which a lonely writer (Joaquin Phoenix) begins to fall in love with the voice of a new operating system he has purchased.

Morton was previously set to play that OS voice and acted out the role on-set.

However, once Jonze began editing the film he realised he would need a different voice. Enter Johansson.

To make sure there’s no hard feelings, Jonze said in a statement: “I love Samantha. I’ve been friends with her forever and I hope we make lots of things together in the future.”

Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams and Chris Pratt star.

Source: Vulture