Scanlon To Helm Pixar Suburban Fantasy Film

Finishing up the Disney Animation D23 panel today, it was announced that Dan Scanlon (“Monsters University”) has been set to direct an original, as-yet untitled “suburban fantasy adventure” for Disney and Pixar.

Inspired by a meaningful moment in Scanlon’s childhood, the story follows two young boys who lost their father and want to learn more about him. It’s also a world where there once was magic which has mostly gone away as technology advanced.

Elves, trolls, sprites and dragons are everywhere in this world which boasts mushroom houses with satellites, minivans, and familiar tech. There’s even unicorns which are considered the ‘rodents’ of this world.

The new film is expected to be Pixar’s immediate post-“Toy Story 4” effort so expect it in cinemas in 2020.