Saw Scribes Pen “Halloween” Recalibration

Dimension Films has brought on frequent “Saw” series scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to pen a new chapter in the “Halloween” franchise according to Heat Vision.

What’s interesting here is that the project is being called a “re-calibration” and is decidedly NOT a reboot, remake or re-imagining. This likely means something akin to 2005’s “Doctor Who” reboot – a refresh/revival of the franchise, but one that keeps the previous continuity intact.

This would match reports from last year that the new film will follow the same continuity from Rob Zombie’s two “Halloween” films but Zombie himself is not directing.

No director is attached at this time, and no details were given for the new story beyond it still likely following white-masked serial killer Michael Myers. Matt Stein and Malek Akkad are producing.