Saw Legacy To Film This September?

Following a several year break, the “Saw” franchise looks to be returning with the eighth installment “Saw Legacy”. First reported back in 2013, and bringing onboard writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger last year, it now looks like production on the film is getting ready.

iatse873, the official site for a film and TV union in Toronto, has revealed that filming on a project dubbed “Legacy” is set to take place between September 21st and October 21st in the city.

At the same time it lists Dan Heffner and Oren Kroules as producers, the pair having been on the series since the beginning, and links back to a Saw imdb page. No director or cast members are currently attached to the project.

Kroules previously teased that big announcements could come around the time of Comic-Con 2016 – an event just two weeks away. Could we be getting a cast/director reveal at that time?

All seven films in the franchise have grossed $873.3 million worldwide from a combined budget of just $57 million.