“Saw: Legacy” Begins Filming?

Back in July came word that Lionsgate had begun prep on “Saw: Legacy,” the eighth feature in the torture porn franchise with production slated to begin this fall in Toronto. Now, Bloody Disgusting reports that filming has already begun with two set photos teasing an interesting twist.


Though no cast members or plot details have yet surfaced about the film, new photos sent in by a reader to the outlet showcases a grave for John Kramer (a.k.a. Jigsaw) and indicate that it has been dug up with the coffin broken into.

So who has unearthed Jigsaw’s body and for what purpose? Tobin Bell played the character who died in the third film but featured in flashback in the subsequent films all the way through to the previous entry “Saw 3D” in 2010.

Peter and Michael Spierig are directing this horror sequel from a script by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. Oren Kroules and Mark Burg will produce.