Saw 7 Cuts Up Greutert’s “Paranormal” Plans

Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate have exercised an option on “Saw VI” director Kevin Greutert to get him to return and direct the upcoming seventh film in that dwindling horror series says Deadline Hollywood.

David Hackl (“Saw V”) was previously attached to helm “Saw VII 3D” but has been removed from the project and will be assigned to another project.

The move strikes as sour grapes as last week it was announced that Greutert would helm the sequel to this year’s supernatural sensation, Oren Peli’s “Paranormal Activity”. The first ‘Paranormal’ scored $123 million in box-office and decent reviews, more than double the take of the panned “Saw VI” with $57 million.

This year Paramount had lined up the ‘Paranormal’ sequel for an October 22nd release, directly in competition with “Saw VII 3D”. This move is seen as Lionsgate essentially hitting back, the move essentially stalling the second ‘Paranormal’.

A replacement director will be found relatively fast, the question is will it be fast enough to meet that release date, or will Jigsaw dominate the Halloween multiplex?