“Save Daredevil” Effort Buys Times Square Ads

Save Daredevil Effort Buys Times Square Ads

Some fans of Netflix’s “Daredevil” are really putting their money where their mouth is and have launched a considerable effort to raise public support for the show and convince those in charge to save it.

“Daredevil” was the third fatality of the end of the Marvel-Netflix era with all five of the shows on the streaming giant ultimately cancelled. Whether they’ll return on the new Disney+ or rival Hulu service hasn’t been clear and those involved have given indications that these incarnations of the shows are ‘dead’ as such.

Of the five, it’s the “Daredevil” cancellation that has hit hardest – especially after a third season late last year that was well-regarded by fans and critics alike. Now fans have begun the #SaveDaredevil campaign which goes beyond merely an online petition – it also purchased a costly five minutes of screen time on two billboards in New York’s Times Square during lunch hour.

One billboard featured a revolving set of at images of cast members, while the other was a static shot promoting efforts to revive the series. All pointed to the SaveDaredevil website which leads to an online petition at Change.org that is currently nearing 300,000 signatures.

Check out photos of the billboards below.