“Sausage Party” Helmer Tackles “The Jetsons”

“Shrek 2” and “Sausage Party” co-director Conrad Vernon is developing with an eye to direct the long in the works film adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera television series “The Jetsons” for Warner Animation Group.

Warner Bros. Pictures have been trying to adapt the property since the late 1990s but has previously focused on a live-action version. This development confirms plans to take the property in an animated direction.

The original early 1960s cartoon focused on the misadventures of a family in the distant future – one of homes in the sky, hover cars, robot servants and other tech advances. The show was a Saturday morning cartoon staple and in syndication for decades.

Vernon is a DreamWorks Animation vet who, along with having helmed multiple films, voiced the Gingerbread Man in the “Shrek” movies.

Source: Heat Vision