Saunders Gives Another “Ab Fab” Film Update

Earlier this year, Jennifer Saunders said that she was resolved to finally get an “Absolutely Fabulous” movie made after years of considering the idea. Well it seems she has made some progress as, during an appearance on Loose Women this week, she offered the following update on the film’s script and how it’s going:

“I didn’t do it for a while, because I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be awful if it was awful’. But now we’re all so old … Joanna [Lumley] says ‘do it before we all die’.

There is a plot and that’s the miracle. It involves all the main characters and virtually everyone that’s ever been in the series, all those characters and we’re in London and sometimes we might go to the South of France, I’m hoping. I’m waiting for the budget. It could be anywhere.

If it’s a big budget it will be the Bahamas. I’ve got another deadline on May 8th … and then we’ll probably do it in the autumn.”

At last report, the film would use the title “Edina & Patsy”.