Saulnier’s “Dark” Has A Major Body Count

Saulniers Dark Has A Major Body Count

“Green Room” and “Blue Ruin” filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier has released the first photo from his upcoming feature thriller “Hold the Dark” at Netflix.

Additionally he’s spoken about the film and confirms it’s the goriest of his three films so far. He tells Empire: “This film has so many firsts for me. It has my record number of intimate dialogue scenes and my highest body count. It has my first war scene, my first aerial sequence, my first time working extensively with animals. So in that regard it was a huge challenge.”

Set in the remote Alaskan wilderness, a child (Beckham Crawford) is taken from his village by a pack of wolves. An expert hunter (Jeffrey Wright) is summoned to track and destroy them and his mission leads him down an increasingly dark and shocking path as he confronts the cruelty of nature and his own failures as a man.

Alexander Skarsgard plays the childÂ’’s grief-crazed father who is closing in behind him, while an unforgiving landscape lies ahead – so who is really being hunted. James Badge Dale also stars in the film which hits the streaming service on September 28th.