Saudi Cinema Re-Opens With “Black Panther”

It looks like “The Emoji Movie” will not be the first movie to be played theatrically in Saudi Arabia in nearly four decades, rather that honor will go to Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther”.

The first Saudi Arabian cinema is about to open in two weeks after a thirty-five year ban on cinemas in the country. AMC Theatres will open the movie theater in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District on April 18th, having converted a standalone symphony concert hall which will make it a particularly plush cinema.

The theater chain announced on Wednesday that it won the country’s first license to operate cinemas alongside its local partner, the Development and Investment Entertainment Company. AMC will convert a standalone symphony concert hall into the country’s first movie theater.

AMC said it expects to open up to forty cinemas in fifteen Saudi Arabian cities within five years, moving up to one-hundred theaters in twenty-five cities by 2030.

Source: THR