Sarandon Talks Speed Racer Camera

Doing press for the new Paul Haggis film “In the Valley of Elah,” actress Susan Sarandon went into surprising detail about her experience working on the Berlin set of the Wachowski brothers next flick – the live-action version of the 60’s anime series “Speed Racer”.

The brothers were reportedly filming this adaptation with a new type of revolutionary camera that would look like nothing we’d ever seen before on screen. Now Sarandon has revealed more about the process in an interview with Collider. Here’s the pertinent excerpts:

“They’re using some high def thing that comes with guards and it’s beyond anything I’ve ever… They’re doing something where they’re layering film so that the front and the back are in focus like a cartoon and they’re also doing two dimensional and three dimensional stuff and mixing and everything is very, very saturated with some new kind of film, so they actually have to treat the actors in some way so we can hold our own with the background…

So it’s every color that wasn’t in The Matrix is seriously in this film… They have these two big, huge, widescreen thingsā€¦at the end of the day you can see how everything is going to be before it’s treated and they have a room of 200 or 300 guys that are doing all the background, it’s insane.”

Sarandon also confirms they’re still going for a G-rating with the film, and admits her role isn’t much – “Basically all I do is make pancakes in the movie and stand around and serving breakfast to everybody” but the small part required a long commitment because of the way they were shooting it.