Sarah Connor Gets A Second Season

Although Fox declined comment, multiple sources tell TV Guide exclusively that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” has been renewed for a second season on FOX.

The series debut in January this year pulled in a stellar 18.4 million viewers and generally positive reviews. Interest however quickly slipped with subsequent episodes hovering around the much lower 7-8 million mark.

Despite the finale airing in late March, FOX still hasn’t officially announced the fate of the series. The costs involved and loss of audience were not good signs, but the show was one of the few new series last season to score any traction – especially with the key demographic Murdoch’s company covets – that its renewal is understandable.

Due to the writer’s strike only nine episodes ended up being produced of the planned thirteen for the year. Producer Josh Friedman has previously said his plans are to incorporate the unfilmed storylines from the remaining four episodes into the start of next season.