Sandra Bullock’s Youth Becomes A Series

Amazon is reportedly developing a TV series loosely inspired by Sandra Bullock’s college years. Bullock will executive produce the series along with the show’s writer K.C. Perry, Akiva Goldsman and musician John Legend.

K.C. Perry (“Constance,” “Damien”) will write and executive produce the series which is described as a dramedy set in the American deep south in the 1980s and in the world of music and dance. In the show, one darkly off-beat young woman defies expectations and sets out in search of love, community, and an identity of her own.

Bullock and Goldsman came up with the series in conversations. Goldsman then brought in Marja Lewis-Ryan and Legend to further develop the idea as a series. No word as to when the series will go into production at this point.

Source: Variety