Samuel L. Jackson Is Nick Fury

Ain’t It Cool News reports Samuel L. Jackson will appear in the upcoming “Iron Man” film as another Marvel hero – Nick Fury.

Jackson will do several scenes as iconic super spy Nick Fury on the set in the next few days, though there’s no idea how big his role is.

“Nick Fury” is one of the films Marvel Studios announced as part of their independent film slate and has Andrew Marlowe attached to write. Sounds like Jackson’s role may be expanded then should “Iron Man” do well.

Related to this, The New York Times reports this week that the financing raised by Merrill Lynch for Marvel’s slate includes an interesting clause. Seems that “If the movies are not successful, Marvel will forfeit the film rights to the characters in the deal, including Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury and the Avengers.”

Finally, scribe Mark Fergus talks about his work on the film to Newsquake.