Samsung Pretty Much Kills 3D Television

Once hoped to be the next great breakthrough in home televisions, 3D on your home screen is now going the way of the dinosaur.

CNET has confirmed with a source at Samsung, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat screens, that none of its 2016 US TV models will support 3D – and thus will not be able to play 3D Blu-ray movies or other 3D content and won’t work with 3D glasses.

The reason appears to be that Samsung wants to continue concentrating more resources on its smart TV functionality. 3D will still be available for a while on many of their previously released models through last year.

The world’s second largest TV maker, LG, is holding steady with around one-third of its line-up still being 3D capable but not its top of the range models. While Samsung is all about smart tech, LG is much more focused on picture quality improvements that come with 4K resolution, HDR color, and OLED technology with their best TV models combining all three elements.

Other manufacturers like Vizio already did away with 3D in 2013, while Sony says only two of its models will support 3D in 2016.

3D, both in the cinema and on television, has been waning in popularity for years with sales of 3D TVs and 3D Blu-ray players taking big tumbles every year since 2012.

3D movies continue to be released in cinemas and 3D Blu-ray discs will likely be sold for several more years, but the new 4K Blu-ray disc contains no provisions for 3D support at all.