Samira Wiley Responds To “Fantastic 4” Talk

Actress Samira Wiley, one of the real scene stealers on Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black,” says that the rumors of her testing for the role of Sue Storm in the “Fantastic Four” reboot aren’t true.

Speaking with Latino Review, she admits she’s seen the online talk about the possibility:

“I saw the articles on the Internet with my name being thrown in the mix and I’m super surprise, honored and excited about it. Just having my name be there and the possibility of that would be amazing.”

Sadly though, for now it’s just talk as this was her response when she was asked about whether she had been in for auditions:

“No, not as of yet but hopefully we can see what’s going on with that. It would be amazing and the fact that we are talking about it shows how far we have come. That I can even dream about being an African American actress in 2013 and what the possibilities are and thankful to everyone that has come before me.”