Sam Worthington’s “Dogs” Becomes A “Prayer”

The Jonathan Mostow-directed, Sam Worthington-led thriller “For The Dogs” has undergone a title change to “Hunter’s Prayer” and scored a financial commitment from Screen Yorkshire.

Based on Kevin Wignall’s novel, Worthington plays a solitary assassin who is hired to kill a young girl but can’t bring himself to do it. After he fails to carry out the task, both are marked for death and hunted across Europe.

Their only hope is to find out why her family were killed and bring those responsible to justice. Emma Roberts and Hailee Steinfeld were both previously linked to the project but are no longer in the frame, so casting continues for the female lead.

Worthington, Navid McIlhargey, Anthony Rhulen, Chris Milburn, Paul Leyden, and John and Michael Schwarz will produce. Filming begins in the UK and Hungary next year.

Source: Screen