Sam Worthington Is Allan Quatermain

Sam Worth ington will produce and is attached to star in “Quatermain,” a sci-fi take on literary hero Allan Quartermain for DreamWorks Pictures says Heat Vision.

H. Rider Haggard penned the famous 1885 novel “King’s Solomon’s Mines” about British big game hunter Quatermain who spends most of his life in Africa and leads an expedition into an unexplored region to find a friend’s missing brother along with the fabled treasure of the lost mines. Quatermain appeared in several other works.

The Dreamworks version is set in a future where humanity has abandoned Earth and Quatermain returns for an adventure on a planetary scale. Mark Verheiden penned the early draft.

“Smallville” creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will also produce, though no director is yet set. Previous actors to have slipped on the khaki pants include Richard Chamberlin, Patrick Swayze, Stewart Granger, Cedric Hardwicke and Sean Connery.