Sam Smith Teases “Spectre” Song Involvement

Acclaimed musician Sam Smith has tweeted a photo of a man’s hand, presumably his, with a ring on it engraved with the symbol of SPECTRE, the evil organisation at the heart of the upcoming 24th James Bond film “Spectre” which opens in November.

Essentially the same ring seen in the first trailer for the film, this would add more credence to the suggestion that Smith is the artist doing the theme song for the movie. Smith has been the bookie’s long running favorite for the gig so far, and we know the song itself was already recorded some time ago and is ready to go.

MGM, Sony and EON however have yet to officially confirm who will be singing the title track, though the announcement is expected imminently and Hitfix is reporting that the song will be going live as early as tomorrow – the same day that ticket pre-sales for the movie begin. They indicate that only when it’s online tomorrow morning will the studios seemingly confirm the artist.