Sam Raimi Talks “Evil Dead IV” Status

With “Oz the Great and Powerful” hitting cinemas this week, and the “Evil Dead” reboot opening in a few weeks, Sam Raimi is doing publicity left and right at the moment.

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool caught up with the filmmaker who talked about fan pressure to continue the original “Evil Dead” franchise in a fourth film, and how it’s only now that he’s interested in the idea.

“I would like to work on the script over the summer. That much is true. But the reason to come back and do it again is only that they’re making me, those fans… I am thinking about it, but a crowd goes ‘Come on Sam, do it!’ so I said ‘Okay, I guess I was talking to my brother about it.’ But I feel like I was pushed into saying that, a little bit.”

“I was saying to Ivan ‘Why do they stay on this thing? Why do they keep at it?'” Raimi continues, “and he said ‘They want you to make a movie. You’re a filmmaker and your fans are asking you to make the movie. What are you, an idiot? Make the movie!’ I guess there’s something I don’t see. It makes sense when Ivan says it… I didn’t have a tremendous amount of passion until right now to bring to it.”

Source: Bleeding Cool