Sam Raimi Remaking “Day of the Triffids”

Sam Raimi will produce and could possibly direct the latest adaptation of John Wyndham’s iconic 1951 novel “The Day of the Triffids” which Mandate Pictures just won the rights to remake according to Deadline.

Triffids are an intelligent and aggressive plant species with a whip-like venomous sting, a plant that mankind is cultivating for its oils. When a global meteor shower renders most of humanity blind, civilisation collapses and those few who can still see attempt to establish a colony in the countryside.

The story was previously adapted on film in 1963 and for British television both in 1981 and last year. Raimi is said to be a big fan of the ’63 film and will likely stick closer to it than Wyndham’s novel. Previous reports indicated the project would be shot in 3D, however that remains undetermined.

Raimi, Robert G. Tapert, Don Murphy, Susan Montford and Mark Gordon will produce.