Sam Raimi, Guy Ritchie Up For “Nemesis”?

“Wanted” and “Kick Ass” comic creator Mark Millar has proven two things in the past few years when it comes to talk about Hollywood adapting his work. The first is he actually has some creative ideas about franchises that would be great to see, such as his interesting take on a “Superman” film trilogy. The second is that he’s often full of it, spouting names and project ideas that essentially never happen.

It’s not uncommon, though most stars and filmmakers have learned to essentially keep their mouths shut about future projects in interviews. Why? Because randomly floated ideas often find their way into becoming ‘has signed on for’ stories by journalists looking to drive up their publication’s readers.

Millar has seemingly yet to learn the lesson as today he posted on his messageboard (via Bleeding Cool) that the likes of Sam Raimi and Guy Ritchie are potentially considering directing the film version of his upcoming comic series “Nemesis”.

Foolish posting of an over eager author, or first move to ignite a potential bidding war over a high-concept but still unproven property – we’ll see. The series itself is about a billionaire who moonlights as a super villain who picks one cop per year to torment and taunt before finally killing him.

Both directors have pretty busy schedules as is. Despite leaving “Spider-Man 4”, Raimi looks to be making his “World Of Warcraft” adaptation his new top priority. Ritchie may be committed to a “Sherlock Holmes” sequel which seems to be heading towards development sooner rather than later.

The only concrete bit of information on the film is that Millar claims he won’t be discussing any deals until March, closer to the release of the adaptation of “Kick Ass” which is getting great reviews from early screenings.