Sam Esmail Won’t Direct “Homecoming” S2

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Amazon’s acclaimed drama “Homecoming” hasn’t just lost Julia Roberts in front of the camera, it also won’t be getting Sam Esmail behind it.

Both Esmail and Roberts will remain on the show as executive producers, but Esmail won’t direct any episodes in the new season – the “Mr. Robot” creator having helmed the entire first season run.

Roberts starred in the first season as Heidi Bergman, a caseworker at a facility helping soldiers transition back to civilian life. Four years on, Heidi is now a small-town waitress living with her mother and a Department of Defense auditor (Shea Whigham) comes to her with questions about why she left the Homecoming facility.

Esmail co-created the show with Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg based on the latter two’s podcast. Anonymous Content and Universal Content Productions produce the project.

Source: The Wrap