Salt, “The Expendables” Sequel Talk

With “Salt” currently sitting on a little over $100 million domestic and with the international rollout kicking off shortly on the Angelina Jolie spy thriller, talk has inevitably turned toward a possible sequel considering the ending leaves things wide open. In fact according to The Los Angeles Times, everything is ready to go if the film is greenlit.

The film’s scribe Kurt Wimmer has ideas for how to advance the story, director Phil Noyce is said to be interested in returning, and star Angelina Jolie has previously said that she’s keen to work on a sequel and in fact has a relatively free schedule coming up as Tim Burton’s “Maleficent” and the Kay Scarpetta films are still some way off.

The question now is simply one of money. Costing $110 million to produce, the film’s domestic performance simply isn’t good enough on its own. As a result the studio is waiting on how the film performs in key international territories where star-driven escapist spy films tend to fare better at the box-office.

Meanwhile with “The Expendables” opening to a strong $35 million over the weekend, sequel buzz has already begun and Sylvester Stallone tells The Hollywood Reporter that he’s already ‘plotted out’ the follow-up film’s direction – “I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can’t become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges.”