Sally Field Talks “Spider-Man” Spin-Off

One of the stranger rumors that cropped up last year was that Sony Pictures was looking at developing a “Spider-Man” spinoff based on Sally Field’s Aunt May character in her younger days. With the Marvel/Sony deal having gone forward though, the various spin-off films were scrapped including, presumably, said Aunt May film.

It turns out actress Sally Field, who played Aunt May in the two “The Amazing Spider-Man” films, wasn’t aware of the project. In a new interview with The Huffington Post during SXSW, she was asked about the project. She said:

“Aunt May spinoff? And make her the lead? What would you do with her? She has no special powers whatsoever. She was a housewife waiting for the kids to come home. I think they did that: It was called The Donna Reed Show.”

Field also confirmed to E! News that she doesn’t know if she will return for the reboot, but she did enjoy her experiences on the other two films:

“It was fun because it was just a great group. (He was) just perfect. Just the most perfect fellow to work with, so I will miss him, but I’ll find him.”

The next “Spider-Man” film is expected to debut in mid-2017.