Rylance To Star In “Barbarians” Adaptation

Acclaimed actor Mark Rylance (“Bridge of Spies,” “The BFG”), Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra (“Embrace Of The Serpent”) and producer Michael Fitzgerald are set to team on a film adaptation of Nobel Prize literature winner J.M. Coetzee’s award-winning political thriller novel “Waiting For The Barbarians”.

First was published in 1980, the story follows a magistrate (Rylance) of a far-flung border outpost as the reckless behavior of the ‘Empire’ he serves threatens to trigger a Barbarian invasion.

He begins to question imperialism when he saves a young ‘barbarians’ (one of the indigenous people in the country) and realizes that all is not what it appears to be.

After mounting a harrowing escape, he is arrested by his own people and thrown in jail only to escape and eventually become an inspiration to others.

Guerra is currently in pre-production on “Birds Of Passage” so this isn’t expected to move forward soon.

Source: Deadline