Ryan Reynolds for “The Amityville Horror” (On-Set)

While walking off the set of ‘The Amityville Horror’ remake, Ryan Reynolds, who plays George Lutz in the film, chatted a little bit about his other upcoming film ‘Blade: Trinity’. He joked about the million different endings to the film and how he has commitment to do a sequel – or the spin-off, whether he wanted to or not.

You may be used to the tall and thin Ryan Reynolds, but in his upcoming films, he may shock you with how in shape he is – think Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’. While walking to the interview room he talked about his commitment to getting in shape and sticking with it; if Ryan executes in ‘Amityville’ as much as he does in the gym – we’re in for a major treat. Ryan Reynolds (Mr. Van Wilder himself) plays George Lutz in MGM/Dimension and Platinum Dunes upcoming remake of the classic ‘Amityville Horror’.

George is a hard working man trying to impress his new wife Kathy (Melissa George) and win over his new kids. They find an old house in Amityville, which is a steal – but as they say, nothing comes for free. Throughout the film, George seemingly becomes possessed by the house and slowly becomes part of the dark past that the house conceals.

Always known as the funny man when his name comes up, Ryan isn’t afraid of tackling new genres – in fact, he’s tackled it all this past year, “This year has been amazing, I covered it all. I got to do the action-thriller in Blade almost sort of sci-fi, I got to do straight up comedy in ‘Waiting’ and then I have to do this great unbelievable genre film right here and I’m doing a romantic comedy after this- there you have it!”

The original ‘Amityville’ hit theaters in 1979 and looks like it could use some touch ups, Ryan pretty much sumed up his opinion in one sentence, “For the time I thought it was pretty damn good… but uhm (major grimace)”. He continues by talking a bit about his feelings towards the true story, “I believe George Lutz went in there and had a psychological breakdown, but whether there was a supernatural element involved I don’t know. But the great thing about my job is I don’t have to worry about that”. During the film, Ryan’s character slowly becomes less and less like himself, here he explains how you can’t act “possessed” in a movie, “You can’t (act possessed), I don’t know how you can, I don’t know how you can say “oh in this moment he’s possessed by a demon, we’re rolling…” I don’t know how you can relate to that”. He went into details about George Lutz’s slow decline (because of the red room?), “The red room is a very very old and very very dark part of this house, a part of the house that was built originally in the Dutch colonial era from 1697- he’s basically living next to this very ancient and very evil presence. That’s his office, he’s working down there and setting up and building down there – and so was the previous owner. His life force is being drained and he doesn’t know it”. So is George becoming less human or becoming possessed? “When you watch the movie you think wow this guy is becoming possessed, but I feel him going within – and turning completely inward and psychotic.”

After nearly ten minutes of off topic humor (I’m telling you, this guy is funny!) Ryan gets back on track and talks a little bit about what it’s like working on his first horror film, “I don’t think its any more difficult than working on a comedy,” he continues, “I really don’t feel like I’m doing a horror movie, I never at any point in this movie felt like I was in a horror movie. It’s not what I pictured, coming in I was like am I going to have those days when I leave feeling embarrassed for what we shot today? I haven’t done that once. I’ve done a complete 180 since I showed up here… [I figured] I’d come in and try something different, thinking and having very little expectations in what I’d find and I am just thrilled everyday because it blew my expectations out of the water”. So will Ryan do more horror films in the future? “I’d love to do more horror if it’s like this, but I don’t think they are though”.

Ryan is a really fun guy and seems like he has a good heart, so when he talked highly about first time feature film director Andrew Douglas, it wasn’t much of a surprise, “Andrew Douglas is so gentle in every moment and you can talk to him about every beat for hours, he’ll just stop filming and talk about it- till we get there, till we find it”. He also talked about a really cool shot that was filmed backwards by Douglas, “We shot some footage backwards that was really creepy though, just slightly backwards as George is looking at somebody and then you roll the film backwards it adds this whacked thing!”

After jumping of topic for another ten minutes and joking about Paris Hilton (is there ever a time when her name doesn’t come up?), Ryan talked about where his heart really is, which we all know is comedy, “I’ll never go away from it [comedy], it’s so much fun”. He would love to work with tons of actors like Bill Murray and Chevy Chase, but there were tons more he would have loved to work with, he jokes, “There are just so many great comedians who are dead”.

By far one of the most entertaining interviews ever, Ryan Reynolds is genuine and has high ambition, look for him to become a name amongst names in the future. Check out ‘The Amityville Horror’ remake on April 15th and find out what’s in this red room!