Ryan Gosling On “Forgives,” Malick’s Next

Out doing promotional work for the limited theatrical release of “The Place Beyond The Pines,” actor Ryan Gosling spoke about two film projects he already shot that are on the way.

The first is “Only God Forgives,” his much anticipated re-teaming with “Drive” director Nicolas Winding Refn that is due this Summmer.

Gosling says: “It’s very extreme. It’s part of the same dream as ‘Drive,’ but it’s more of a nightmare than a dream but it’s more extreme. We shot it in Thailand and no one was watching, so that’s what happens when you let Nicolas loose in Thailand. There’s no one around to put the reins on and he’s completely unleashed.”

The other is Terrence Malick’s untitled drama about love triangles that is set against the backdrop of the music scene in Austin, Texas. The actor confirmed something we pretty much already knew:

“There was no script. I think he [Malick] used to have to write them and now I think they’re onto the fact that he doesn’t use them anyway so they’re not requiring them.”

He also said something that is surprising – Malick may be working on more projects than we know about:

“He’s doing more than two. He’s cutting like five movies right now, one of which is about the creation of the universe that he’s been working on for the last fifteen years but I’m not in that one I don’t think.”

Speaking of Malick, Magnolia Pictures confirms that the April 12th schedule release for his new film “To The Wonder” will not only get a limited theatrical, but a simultaneous day-and-date VOD release as well.

Source: The Playlist & Thompson On Hollywood