Ruth Wilson To Love “The Lone Ranger”

Ruth Wilson is in negotiations to play the female lead in “The Lone Ranger” movie for Disney Pictures reports Deadline.

Wilson’s character is named Rebecca, other details however aren’t forthcoming. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film stars Armie Hammer as the Masked Man and Johnny Depp as Tonto.

Known for a soft voice and strikingly magnetic screen presence, Wilson scored a Golden Globe nomination in 2006 for playing the titular role in the BBC’s superb mini-series adaptation of “Jane Eyre” which also starred Toby Stephens.

She then went on to have a role in the mini-series remake of “The Prisoner”, and most recently has been seen playing the former child prodigy turned cold-blooded killer Alice in the Idris Elba-led British police drama “Luther”.

Wilson beat out the likes of Jessica Chastain and Abbie Cornish for the lead role.