Russos Talk Why We Haven’t Seen Spider-Man Yet

In an extensive Q&A with Collider, Joe and Anthony Russo discussed their work as directors on the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” and answered a question many have been asking – when will we finally get a first look at Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man.

Many hoped it would be in the teaser trailer, and when he failed to show in that it has been hoped he might show up in the second trailer which is likely to be launched February/March. Turns out the reason we haven’t seen him yet hasn’t been lack of desire by those creatively involved. Rather it’s because of the long-reaching Marvel and Sony deal:

“Part of the reasons of what was so secretive was that the deals were always lagging slightly behind how we were using the character. We were always in danger of upsetting the deal – there were still sensitive issues going on between the two studios that they needed to agree on.

When we were casting Tom Holland, when we were screen testing him for the movie there was a whole very involved kind of process that was under the radar and secretive, because of the fact that it was still a sensitive business issue.

The reason why I preface that is we’re still kind of in ‘deal zone’. The reason why we still won’t talk about [the costume] is that Marvel and Sony still have to work out what uses they have for the character, on a promotional level, on a commercial level. There’s still complications as far as that goes that involves business deals.”

“Captain America: Civil War” opens May 6th.