Russos Talk Post-“Civil War” Captain America

Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: Civil War” began its international rollout on Wednesday, taking in $14.9 million from fifteen international markets in Europe and Asia. The big question though that comes up after people see the film though is where the franchise goes next – and more specifically Captain America’s story.

Speaking with HeyUGuys, the Russo Brothers were asked where Cap goes next. The pair say:

“We are moving into a phase now in the storytelling where, when we bring Captain America’s story forward from Civil War, it’s going to be into Avengers: Infinity War. That’s the next chapter, so to speak, in his specific story. And there’s been no talk about where we go beyond that, yet.

Those are two gigantic movies that are intended to be the culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s going to be storytelling that happens in those films that we haven’t seen yet in the MCU, so who’s to say what the condition of the characters are at that point? Who even makes it to that movie to begin with, but who makes it out of those movies is anybody’s guess at this point.”

The pair confirm shooting on the “Avengers: Infinity War” saga begins in November with the latest script drafts due in around a fortnight. Meanwhile those who have seen ‘Civil War’ confirm there are two post-credits scenes – the first involving Black Panther, the second involving Spider-Man.