Russos Talk Captain Marvel “Avengers” Involvement

This year’s “Captain America: Civil War” introduced both Black Panther and the new Spider-Man to audiences ahead of their own solo films. Could the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” do the same for some of the other standalone films on the way?

Talking to Yahoo! Movies, Joe and Anthony Russo teased that the third film in the Marvel hero team-up series is keeping them busy as is with its large roster of characters, and that they have their: “hands full trying to tell the story we have with out pre-existing characters… that’s not to say we’re not going to introduce a new character.”

This lead to the outlet asking an understandable question – asked about that likelihood of a Captain Marvel appearance, Anthony Russo first joked: “If they ever cast that role, maybe” before saying: “That’s one we’re going to have to plead the fifth on.”

Then there’s the question of the title. When the ‘Infinity War’ film saga was originally announced two years ago, Marvel Studios indicated it would be a ‘Part One’ and ‘Part Two’ style split. That changed recently when the ‘parts’ were dropped – leaving the third as just “Avengers: Infinity War” and the fourth presently untitled. Why?

The Russos told Cinema Blend this week that despite sharing a connection, they’ve made it quite clear the films are quite different:

“We wanted the movie to be very different and distinctive, you know. There’s certainly cross-pollination between characters and some story-arcs, but you know, the first movie is very clearly Avengers: Infinity War and, in time, we will reveal what the second film is.”

There’s also a great bit of fan art of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel up at

“Avengers: Infinity War” will be released May 4, 2018.