Russos Ask: No “Infinity War” Spoilers Please

Filmmakers Anthony and Joe Russo are pleading with fans who see “Avengers: Infinity War” first to not let details of it slip out until everyone gets a chance to see it.

In a letter posted on social media, it has been made clear that there will be no advanced screenings of the full film. Upcoming special preview events such as the public event in the UK, along with press junkets, will only show a bit of footage – almost all of which is expected to be from the film’s first act.

The first time the film will be screened in full anywhere will be the Los Angeles premiere on the night of Monday April 23rd with the film to begin public screenings around much of the world from Thursday and Friday of that week. Media screenings will potentially take place on the Tuesday and/or Wednesday nights of that week.

For now, they say: “Everyone involved with the film has worked incredibly hard the past two years maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Only a handful of people know the film’s true plot”

“Avengers: Infinity War” opens in the United States on April 27th.