Russian Lesbian Singing Duo On Film

t.A.T.u., still the pre-eminent Russian lesbian singing duo on the international scene (come to think of it are there any other?) are getting their own movie at last. reports that after several delays due to numerous re-writes, filming finally begins in mid-May on the project which Roland Joffe will helm.

The script is based on a novel “Tatu come back” by a deputy of the Russian Parliament – Alexey Mitrofanov. He revealed in an interview this week that the English-language film will utilise a largely American cast and be shot in both Moscow and America.

In the film the girls will play themselves, but the actual story will revolve around a take on a real life event involving their fans. Mitrofanov says “There were two t.A.T.u. fans, they wanted to run away to Moscow. They came to take a passport, a fight started. They accidentally killed the mother of one of them, and went to jail. They just asked to stay together during the time of imprisonment.”