Russell Crowe Playing Bill Hicks

With Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood project “Nottingham” postponed for seven months, Oscar winner Russell Crowe is taking a much needed break.

Talking with Aussie newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald, Crowe revealed that he has a project based on the life of comedian Bill Hicks.

Crowe is considering playing the main role of Hicks – the controversial American comedian who battled drug and alcohol abuse before dying from prostate cancer at 32. The project “is going from treatment to draft stage with Kiwi writer Mark Staufer” at present so no dates are yet set.

Crowe says that “My Brother’s Keeper”, his feature film based on the Maroubra Beach surfing gang the Bra Boys, is in second draft stage with Australian writer Stuart Beattie. He’s also involved in a new documentary but won’t reveal the title just yet. Crowe remains attached to produce Staufer’s script “Dolce’s Inferno” about a gossip columnist.

Nottingham is scheduled to begin shooting March next year.