Russell Crowe Is “The Equalizer”

Russell Crowe is attached to star in a film adaptation of the late 80’s spy series “The Equalizer” for Escape Artists reports The Los Angeles Times.

Edward Woodward starred in the classic CBS television series about Robert McCall, a former operative of a covert intelligence organisation who seeks redemption for his dark past via offering his services to those being persecuted and in need of help.

Combining his skills both investigative and deadly, McCall brings justice to various hoodlums, killers, dealers, rapists and other scum on the streets of New York City. He also performed assignments for the head of his former organisation and dealt with his estranged son.

The show was noted for its memorable theme tune, McCall’s signature Jaguar XJ6 car, and its realistic handling of the spy world with sometimes brutal violence and a lack of fancy gadgets.

No studio is yet attached to the project which had previously floundered for years in development at the Weinstein Company. Mace Neufeld and Alex Siskin will produce.