Russell Brand Set To “Rentaghost”

Warner Bros. Pictures is planning to take late 70’s British children’s comedy series “Rentaghost” and turn it into a Beetlejuice-esque big screen vehicle for comedian Russell Brand reports Deadline.

The original followed Fred Mumford, a recently deceased loser who feels he can find work for ghosts whose lives were as failed as his. He soon starts up a temp agency where he rents out ghosts to the living.

Amongst his spectral clients are a mischievous jester with zero knowledge of modern technology, a delicate Victorian-era gentleman morally shocked by the modern world, a pantomime horse, a Dutch ghost who teleports when she sneezes, a Scottish witch and a female Wild West gunslinger.

Brand will play Mumford and the studio is currently seeking writers for the project. Kevin McCormick, Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun are producing.