Rush Helmer Launches An “Assault”

Producer Lili Fini Zanuck (“Rush”) is set to direct a film adaptation of the darkly comic 1996 novel “Assault on Tony’s” says The Hollywood Reporter.

“Leaving Las Vegas” author John O’Brien penned the book which is set over seventeen days in the near future when the U.S. is going up in flames due to rampant anarchy and mass race rioting. Inside a pub, a group of middle-class white alcoholics are initially united by the desire to sit and drink their way through events and defend the bar.

However, as the liquor supply starts to dwindle, each member’s prejudices star to come out and it all ends in shocking violence. O’Brien killed himself before he finished it, leaving his sibling author Maureen O’Brien to write the conclusion based on his notes.

Erik Bergquist (“The Fast and the Furious”) adapted the script which will change shorten the crisis to three days, change the racial violence to economic disaster, and make two of the characters black – one of whom is not a drinker. The waitress role will also be expanded.

Mark Johnson and Tony Williams are producing the sub-$10 million project and shooting aims to kick off toward’s the year’s end.