Rush Has Hope For More “Pirates” Sequels

Geoffrey Rush tells PopEater (via STV) that he thinks the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise has many more entries left in it.

“Nothing’s official but there is a fifth chapter being developed and as the hardcore fans will know if they hang around until after the credits roll, there’s a little teaser, cliff-hanger which I think opens up the potential for a pretty damn fine movie” he says.

Along with confirming he has not yet signed up to appear in a fifth entry, the Aussie acting veteran adds that “It’s a very big theme, piracy… between the mythology and the legends and the history and geographical places in the world, there’s still a bucket-load of stories to tell.”

One film series he doesn’t think it’ll beat is that of James Bond. “I don’t think we’re going to outrun Bond. They’re up to 23 so they’ve really set the bar. Relatively we’re young kids on the block.”