Rupert Wyatt Sets Trio Of Projects

Rupert Wyatt (“The Escapist”) has already set up his next three directing vehicles reports Variety.

First comes “The Trail”. Co-written with Daniel Hardy, it follows two soldiers on a base in New Mexico who are led by a Native American woman up a trail to find her brother, who has been badly hurt in mysterious circumstances. Shooting begins in September in New Mexico.

Then he will write and direct an untitled drama for Paramount Vantage, based on the Samuel Logan book “This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha.” The book tells the story of Brenda Paz, a teenaged ex-member of the MS-13 gang who was killed by her comrades after she became an informant for the FBI. Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce.

Finally comes Warner Brothers “Slipping Into Darkness”, an adaptation of the Peter Blauner novel to be scripted by Brotherhood creator Blake Masters. It’s a cat-and-mouse thriller about a cop who, 20 years after sending a teenager to jail for life, watches him freed on a technicality. Basil Iwanyk will produce.