Rupert Friend Is The New “Hitman”

While many have had issues with the second and third seasons of Showtime’s “Homeland,” one element that has often scored unanimous praise has been Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn character.

Now Friend is in talks to replace Paul Walker as the star of 20th Century Fox’s “Agent 47,” the reboot of the “Hitman” film franchise which is based on the best-selling video game series.

The previous Timothy Olyphant-led 2007 film grossed $100 million worldwide. Walker had planned to star in this reboot once he wrapped “Fast and Furious 7,” but he was killed in a tragic car crash midway through filming ‘Fast’.

Aleksander Bach helms from a script by Kyle Ward, Skip Woods and Michael Finch. Chuck Gordon, Alex Young and Adrian Askarieh are producing.

Source: The Wrap