Rupert Friend Injured On The Set Of “Homeland”

Many have been wondering if Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn character would be returning for the upcoming sixth season of Showtime’s “Homeland,” well it turns out he is but probably less than even the producers first expected.

Friend has reportedly sustained an injury during production of the first and second episodes of the new season in New York City. Friend told the trade this weekend that he broke a bone in his right ankle while off work. The injury ties back to two on-set instances filming previous seasons when he rolled his ankle which had weakened the ligaments.

With Friend temporarily sidelined, the filming schedule has been reshuffled to shoot scenes from the next few episodes around Friend’s injury. It’s hoped the soft cast will come off in a couple of weeks at which time Friend will be able to resume filming in full-force and filming on the first two episodes of the season will be completed. The injury is not expected to impact the January 15th 2017 premiere date.

Source: Deadline