“Runestaff,” “Chorus Of Dragons” Series Planned

Runestaff Chorus Of Dragons Series Planned

Two fantasy novel series will be making their way to the small screen shortly via two well-regarded production outlets. First up, BBC Studios is developing a TV series adaptation of the four books in Michael Moorcock’s “Runestaff” fantasy novel series that began with “The Jewel in the Skull”.

The story follows a resistance force trying to bring down tyrannical rule and follows Hawkmoon, whose journey takes him from ghost-cities in the Syrian desert to pirate colonies in the American Bayou, caravans of mutant creatures in Carpathian mountains, and the glittering city of Londra where the river runs blood red.

Steve Thompson (“Doctor Who,” “Sherlock”) will pen the adaptation while Richard Stokes (“Broadchurch”) and John Yorke (“Life on Mars”) executive produce.

In the U.S., Annapurna Television has optioned the rights to Jenn Lyons’ “The Ruin Of Kings,” the first installment in the five-book series “A Chorus of Dragons” with plans to develop it as an epic fantasy television series.

The story follows Khirin, a young thief who discovers he may be the son of a prince and involved in a complex prophecy where he is more valuable alive than dead.

Source: Deadline