Rumors About “Aquaman” Villain, Female Lead

Following on from producer Charles Roven’s comments yesterday about how the James Wan-directed “Aquaman” film is in its very earliest stages with the script still under construction, JoBlo has posted up a rumor regarding said script.

Specifically they’re discussing details on the potential villain of the film which, up to this point, has been widely speculated as being Black Manta. The site claims that is wrong and instead it will be Ocean Master – Aquaman’s half brother Orm Marius. The site says what goes down between the two “will be reminiscent of the comic struggles of the duo in a brother-vs-brother fight for the throne of Atlantis”.

The site also claims that the female lead of the film Mera, who is first expected to be introduced in the first “Justice League” film, is being set up as the “Khaleesi of the sea”. It will be a forceful role with a lot of screen time, akin to Charlize Theron’s Furiosa in “Mad Max Fury Road,” and a non-white actress is also being sought for the part rather than a red-headed Caucasian as the character is depicted in the comics.

All of this is speculative at best, especially considering the script is still being heavily worked on. “Aquaman” isn’t slated to hit cinemas until July 2018.