Rumored New Details On The “Hellboy” Reboot

Some rumored new details about what to expect in director Neil Marshall’s upcoming reboot of the “Hellboy” franchise starring David Harbour (“Stranger Things”) have emerged today over at Splash Report.

So far we know that Ian McShane is onboard to play Hellboy’s adoptive father Professor Broom, and Milla Jovovich will play the Blood Queen who serves as the villain. We also know the B.P.R.D. will be involved, but are not sure to what extent.

Today’s report claims that the film will include the characters of Abe Sapien, Major Ben Daimio and Alice Monaghan from the comics who will all be members of the B.P.R.D. which has its headquarters on a snow-capped mountainside.

In the offices: “you will see arcane artifacts: cryptid skeletons, freakish things encased in formaldehyde, period weapons. Fans will also get to see the symbol of a hand holding a sword, with the words: IN ABSENTIA LUCI, TENEBRAE VINCIUNT.”

Other characters reportedly include the vengeful fairy pig Gruagach, Baba Yaga the witch, King Arthur & Merlin. The R-rated film will have a darker horror tone, and there’s an action sequence involving severed heads, and one scene where a creature has giant tentacles which wrap themselves around a London Bridge (not clear which one). The project also apparently sets up a sequel as it teases the next film’s villain.

“Hellboy” is set to begin filming next month and is scheduled to be released in 2018.