Rumored “Jurassic World” Plot Spoilers

Following on from the reveal of some new “Avengers: Age of Ultron” details earlier, JoBlo has been in contact with a scooper who has offered similar new minor spoiler details regarding the upcoming “Jurassic World” which is currently in production:


In the new film, Isla Nublar is indeed a real running theme park, complete with a monorail, shops, rides, and shows. Guests get there via a high speed shuttle boat from Florida. One ride is called a ‘Gyrosphere’ which allows you to ride around in the wild and get up close to the Dinosaurs.

In order to keep customers coming back, the park operators start splicing dinosaur DNA with other dinosaurs and other species – the pinnacle of their efforts being a combination of a T-Rex, raptor, snake, and a cuttlefish. The monstrous new dinosaur, which has fierce intelligence and chameleon-like camouflage abilities, gets loose and terrorizes the park.

There’s also dinosaur on dinosaur fighting, with the “good” dinosaurs (including raptors and T-Rex) trained by Chris Pratt’s character. “Jurassic World hits cinemas on June 12th 2015.