Rumor: “The Flash” Film Villains Revealed?

The upcoming Ezra Miller-led standalone “The Flash” film may have found its villains. Will it be Reverse Flash or Zoom?

Turns out none of the above. Heroic Hollywood reports that The Flash will square off with the villainous team The Rogues in the film.

In the comics The Rogues are a loose criminal association led by Captain Cold and includes various villains such as Mirror Master, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, the Trickster, Pied Piper, the Top, and Captain Boomerang.

Back in April a potential cast list for the film leaked with the name Len Snart (Captain Cold) on it, this would seem to fit that. It’s a good choice too as though several of the characters have appeared on “The Flash” TV series, they’ve not yet assembled as ‘The Rogues’ group.

Rick Famuyiwa helms the film which goes into production next year ahead of a 2018 release.